Scale the digital universe of Vanimals

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Integrate Vanimals into your new or existing games and platform and reap the benefits of our network.

Reach Users
Leverage our existing and expanding network of fans to scale your game audience.
Ad Revenue Share
Vanimals has the most competitive ad revenue split in the industry*. Partner with us and get the most from your players.
Application Integration Support
We work hand in hand with you to make sure the integration of Vanimals into their game is seamless
Marketing and Brand Resources
Focus on making your game as fun as possible and let us take care of the rest. We handle market research and branding your game to the right player base.
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A rich, interconnected network for you to leverage

Each Vanimal is unique to the player that owns it. The more the player interacts with their Vanimal, the more data is generated about them. You as the developer have the ability to access all the data connected to the Vanimal and use it to create experiences unique to each player that keeps them in your game for hours.

Robust canon for your creativity to expand

Written by award winning authors, the rich yet simple story of Vanimals lets our network of interconnected video games scale canonically. Creative control is in your hands.

Access and Grow the Vanimals universe canonically and technically

Plug your game into the Vanimals network and be on the bleeding edge of gaming. We believe that all games will be interconnected and we are the company to make that a reality. Join Us!

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Looking for inspiration? Here are some ideas!

Liven up the digital universe and mod your favorite game with Vanimals as playable characters or NPCs.
We'd love to see a game that takes advantage of the data that each Vanimal has and assigns abilities based on that data. Bonus points if its on mobile.
Be an Evangalist
Host a meetup, review apps for bugs, or post on your social channels about Vanimals, we want to have an awesome community and we'll need people to spread awareness.
Asset Store*
Get your Bezos on and create the Amazon for Vanimals. Create animations, clothes, or items for Vanimals and sell them!

Write Stories
Expand the canon of the universe, a world, a species, or an individual Vanimal through stories, comics, movies, or art.
Social Media Channels
Start a Youtube channel focused on Vanimals, start a memepage, or create a twitter persona for your Vanimal. Go crazy!
Vanimals Wikipedia
As the Vanimals universe expands, we'll need to keep a record of what worlds exist, what events took place, and what Vanimal did what.
Give users and other developers insight into the data and help them harness it to do something awesome!

What developers are saying about Vanimals

I'm excited to be building with Vanimals
Dan Zakon
I love building assets for the Vanimals universe
Ali Molavi
Photographer at UI Chest
It's like open source Pokemon, you have the control to do what you want and have the support of the company.
Aram Barnett
CEO at Vanimals

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