Vanimals are NFTs who's rarity is paired to real animal populations.

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What is a Vanimal?


Unleash your Vanimal across a variety of new and familiar digital and physical experiences


Take your Vanimal across digital applications. Trade and sell what's yours.


You can't teach an old dog new tricks but you can teach your Vanimal new skills and abilities.
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Meet Flipper, the Emperor Penguin. 

Grow with Manna

grow and care for Flipper using
manna. Manna can be gained daily from quest and for purchase

Track his journey

See everywhere Ari has traveled in the digital world.

Augment his reality

Strike a pose and take a picture with Flipper in Augmented Reality!

All Fun and Facts

Learn about his habitat and his species with constantly updating facts.

Here's what we are looking to achieve next

Game on across a network of video games

Take your Vanimal into video games to use and upgrade it's abilities and stats. We are constantly adding both new and popular games to our network. All Vanimals Welcome!

Animal Instinct fueled by AI

Your Vanimal is smart. Right out of the hatchling it can recognize objects and people. The more you share and play with it the more it learns.

Meet the Vanimals

"fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me twice— you can't get fooled again"
"I'm a Scorpio with Capricorn tendencies. I sell chakra crystals and essential oils on Esty. "
Sher Khan
"After the whole Siegfried and Roy debacle, my agent told me to lay low from entertainment. I'm back baby!"
Bengal Tiger
No one:
Me: "Stares intensely at random people on the street for food"
Rock Pigeon
"Do you remember that Obama killed the most people with drone strikes while in office? No? Well I do, I never forget"
Sumatran Elephant
"My goal is to boldly go where no chimp has gone before. To the moon in sicko mode"
Space Chimp